The DECADE Golf system — a game changer for competitive junior and collegiate golfers

Junior GolferDecadeI started using the DECADE system in 2018 and it has made a huge difference in the performance of my young, competitive golfers. Notable PGA Tour players such as Bryson DeChambeau, Will Zalatoris, and Maverick McNealy have applied this strategy with great success.

DECADE is a strategy system based on data, distribution patterns, and PGA/LPGA tour statistics. Using this data, this helps the player make better decisions for club selection, target, and expectations on the outcome.  The founder, Scott Fawcett, created the name and acronym because his first student, PGA star Will Zalatoris, said the system accelerated his learning and experience by 10 years.


The acronym stands for: Distance, Expectation, Correct Target, Analyze, Discipline, and Execute.

For example, knowing the number of strokes that a PGA/LPGA tour player will take in a given situation helps players manage expectations. For instance, if a tour player is in the trees (from any distance to the green) they will take an extra stroke on that hole. So on a par 4, they will make a 5. Unless you think you are better than a tour player, your best strategy is to put the ball back in play and secure a bogey instead of trying to hit a miracle shot through the trees. Doing this could turn your score into a double bogey or worse. So, if you are in the trees, take you medicine and punch out and accept the bogey.

The system also had a great Decision Tree to help players, especially junior boys, to know when to hit driver on a hole.  Knowing your own dispersion pattern and how far you carry the ball makes it easy to stick to the plan and avoid costly penalties off the tee.

Junior Players Climb Decision Tree to Success

Junior GolferAll of my junior golfers load their tournament data into the DECADE app, and then I can review it with them at the following lesson.  One of my junior boy golfers has vaulted into the top 100 on the AJGA/Polo rankings in less than a year.  One of my junior girl golfers is now ranked in the top 60 and she’s only a sophomore in high school.

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