Anne Cain works with golfers of all ages and skill levels from around the the world.  Based on your goals, an instruction program is designed to maximize your time with Anne and improve your game. Below are a few of the stories and endorsements of Anne by her students.

nanci bowen 1995 Nabisco Championship

Anne is an extremely knowledgeable instructor.  She continues to educate herself in the latest technology which helps her students improve their games rapidly.  She has the capacity to identify each student’s abilities and goals instantly – thus establishing a practice plan quickly.  Anne also knows how to keep the information simple and manageable.  Anne has been an integral part of my success on the LPGA TOUR.  During a tournament she gave me instruction over the phone that vastly improved my chipping technique which lead me to winning a major championship, the Nabisco Dinah Shore Championship.  Without question her determination and tenacity in getting results for her students is why she is a Top 100 Teacher.

Nanci Bowen, SC

Nabisco Dinah Shore Champion, LPGA TOUR

Through Anne’s guidance, my handicap has dropped from an 18 to a 6/ 7.  Recently, I carded a 74, and for the first time, I believe a sub-par round is within reach! Anne is an awesome instructor.  Her feedback is objective and practical. Tips like the “broom drill,”  the “1,2,3 drill,” and the “putt the magic marker drill” are all exercises that I can take home with me……I don’t need to be on the practice range to sharpen my skills.  If I can achieve the results I have using Anne’s easy to apply tips, I’m sure your readers will too. Russ Ridley, FL

Avid Golfer Moves from 90’s Shooter Down to Single Digit Handicap

Anne has exceptional knowledge of the golf game in its entirety.  She is a great communicator and teacher and, with her video/computer technology, is able to instruct and “show” the student exactly what changes need to be made in the swing.  Under Anne’s expert instruction, all aspects of my game have improved, especially my putting.  I was able to take my golf game to a whole new level:  I recently shot a career low round of 67 and was named Player of The Year at The Broadmoor Golf Club.  Thanks, Anne! John Ball, CO

As much I hate to admit it, I have to be part of “the senior player who added 20 yards” to his game.  If you remember, I came limping to you whining about a bad back and how it has caused a significant loss of distance over the last several years.  It led to me moving up to the senior tees, although I have earned that right with age.  Of course, that move subjected me to much verbal abuse by my golfing buddies but I have thick skin so I survived their best efforts to attack my ego!! I have a single digit HDCP and the big change has been that your instruction helped me move away from casting and flipping at the bottom and in getting me more on plane has helped add twenty plus yards to my driver and a full club distance to my irons.  It’s still a challenge even after 16 months but I work on it every time I’m on the course.  I feel that my body is beginning to understand what a good swing feels like and when its working I am doing things that I have never accomplished before.  I am currently moving back on plane after making some adjustments using a few of the lessons you taught me. You showed me an efficient and effective swing that I hope will allow me to continue playing this great game another fifteen to twenty years.  And my golfing buddies have seen me move back to the regular tees which they didn’t think would ever happen.  And it’s been fun to return the abuse!!!! Jim Britts, FL

Senior Player Overcomes Back Injury and Gains 20 Yards; Moves into Single Digits

My handicap before I started taking lessons with you was probably about a 25.  I my current handicap is 20.7 and I can honestly say, and my golf buddies would attest to it, that by having three series of lessons with you, my drives are now going at least 40 yards further and straighter.  There are times I am even outdriving my buddies and that would never happen before the lessons.  The slice is a thing of the past.  By having the correct swing plane, turning properly and sustaining the lag, it has all really come together. The putting lesson I had last winter also has really helped too and probably has reduced about three or four strokes from my current game.  I have very few three putts now.

Bob Lindheim, Ohio

Senior Golfer Gains 40 Yards and Gets Rid of Slice

Anne, I have taken many lessons and some of them from great teaching pros such as Rick Smith and David Leadbetter in recent years but the band-aid remedies never lasted that long and I would be searching again for something else. When we arrived in Florida a couple of weeks ago I came across a golf magazine headlined with the Best Tips Ever. I am a tinkerer with the swing and I know my weak areas however how do I fix it? Well your tip on page 30 did it for me. The idea of keeping that right elbow in (with exaggeration for now) is working like a charm. Everything has come together, distance, accuracy, flight, you name it. Ross MacDowell, NC

Being Anne’s student has made me grow so much as a golfer and as a person. When I first came to her I was consistently shooting in the mid 80’s even though I had the potential to do so much better. We worked hard to fix some things in my swing and my short game also really improved.  Anne has helped me understand my golf swing and my tendencies better so I can make quick fixes while I’m playing.   There were many days where she would stay late so she could help me after school and early in the morning in when it was freezing, but she was always willing and eager to teach me.  As I became more comfortable with the changes we made I started to play in more tournaments, and slowly but surely my scores improved.  Even when I had a bad round or a small setback she would always reassure me that it was part of the journey to success.  Within 7 months of working  with Anne I went from shooting mid 80’s to consistently shooting mid 70’s and I qualified for the US Girls Junior.  With Anne as my coach I know my golf game will continue to improve and I am well on my way to reaching my goals.

Ella Woods, FL

Junior Golfer

Anne is a consummate professional who conducted a private two day, 3 on 1 clinic (at a course in North Carolina, to which she enthusiastically traveled) with an approach that I can only describe as game-changing, at least to my golf game.  Up until meeting Anne, I was a 30+ handicap golfer with an unpredictable drive that traveled 150 yards on a good day.  After my two full days with Anne, I am so consistent with my driver (now 200 yards, center of the fairway every time) that a recent playing partner suggested I just go up and drop the ball on every par 4 at the 150 marker in the middle – since that where I landed each time.  At my home course (Elkridge Club in Maryland) I am now hitting all greens in regulation – something that would have been a mere fantasy before my lessons with Anne. The time with Anne was transformational because she incorporated technology (three cameras in an indoor teaching center) to teach me about set up, swing plane, and hand position at address and impact.  She is not only practical when she suggests changes, but she also infuses her reasoning with history (why certain pros are more consistent) and reasoning (why we are making the change) rather than just saying e.g. “just shift weight to the left.” Her discussion of putting included metrics from PhD level work that someone had done on putting that involved the neuro cortex and explained why having your head down to turn and look at the distance was important.  Again, she gave the “WHY”, not just the “DO IT BECAUSE I SAID SO.”  She also put quantitative metrics behind chipping in a way that I had not heard before (i.e. which club to use – measuring rather than guessing.) I have had a lot of instruction since I took up the game 3 years ago, but nothing comes close to the competent teaching I received from Anne.  After my first sessions with Anne (April 2012) my handicap went down 20% in 3 months.  I’ve just returned from my second 2 day session with Anne (April 2013) and I just shot my first round in the 80’s. Christy Wyskiel, MD

New Golfer Transforms Game, Added 50 Yards to Drives, and Breaks 90 for the First Time

After a 15 year lay-off from competitive golf, I decided to jump back in and play a few tournaments. The game had changed significantly during that time from balls to clubs and teaching methods – technology had a huge impact on every aspect of the game. I was a bit concerned as to my ability to adapt but I knew I needed one thing to remain the same – I needed Anne Cain to be part of my return. Anne always knew how to connect with me and my game and she still does. She is a technical expert but she knows how to get a “feel” player like me to make adjustments and play with those changes.   The tendencies in my swing hadn’t changed over the years, but Anne was able to work with me to make some slight modifications that now enable me to get the club face square and eliminate that weak fade that was costing me significant yardage. In the past 4 years with Anne’s instruction and encouragement, I have qualified for 5 USGA Championships. From swing path to chipping and putting; from course management to equipment selection – Anne is an integral part of my team. I look forward to further refinements as I move on to the next part of my competitive career as a Senior Amateur in 2017. We’ve still, got some work to do!

Tara Fleming, NJ

Former LPGA TOUR Player, Regained Amateur status

I am fortunate to take golf lessons from Anne Cain. She has a thorough understanding of the game and its fundamentals, and communicates her message clearly and concisely. Her knowledge of the learning process helps me focus on one thing at a time, and her use of video technology takes the guesswork out of learning the swing.  To top it off, she is an accomplished player, which affords her the ability to help golfers at all levels. Seeking Anne’s advice and help will really add enjoyment to your game.

Curt Sanders, GA

PGA Member, Carolina's Section Player of the Year

One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned from Anne is that 8 hours of beating balls does not compare to 1 hour of perfect practice. I found myself working extremely hard on my golf game but with little idea of what I really wanted to accomplish with my golf swing. I have found that repetition is only a positive when it is perfect repetition. Anne’s Hot Lines technology enables me to develop a repeatable and perfect feel to take to the course. For me, knowing that I am practicing the correct technique gives me confidence. Confidence is just as important as the swing. Anne’s incredible knowledge of the golf swing combined with the Hot Lines technology allows every student to fully understand what they need to do to become a better and more confident golfer.

Jenna Daniels, AL

LPGA TOUR, NCAA Champion, NCAA Player of the Year

Over the past few years, I developed the yips when chipping. It seemed that my right hand was dominant in my chipping motion, but I had less and less control over the right hand / wrist as time went on. My instructor, Anne Cain, of the PGA Academy WGV worked with me on various adjustments, but I continued to yip. I play in a number of fundraising tournaments each year which are scramble formats. Expecting a bad shot, I would always volunteer to chip last. For the past two years, lack of a sound chipping motion contributed to my failure to break 80. Anne made a suggestion. Her approach was to adopt a setup similar to left hand-low putting.  After practicing this way for the first time, my motion became more stable. I’ve seen consistent improvement and I’m chipping into the six foot circle more often which has led to good one-putt opportunities. We made the change last year. On a recent golf trip, I shot 79 for my last round, scoring 35 on my back nine. The new chipping motion helped tremendously and led to short par putts on crucial holes. I’m looking forward to improving the left-hand low motion and more sub-80, future rounds.

Paul Daniels, FL

Avid Golfer Breaks 80 for the First Time in Two Years by Curing the Chipping Yips

I was a 60+ year old with a 6 handicap still looking to improve enough to be competitive in State and regional senior tournaments.  I scheduled a lesson with Anne at The World Golf Village.  After finding out that she had once been a student of a friend of mine, we went to work.  After hitting just a few balls and completing a video analysis, Anne provided direction for the remainder of the lesson…..ball position. We discussed Hogan’s practice of keeping the ball more forward in the stance and worked on making that happen. Upon returning home to Hilton Head, SC, I constantly reviewed the video of our lesson and worked on the range.  I began hitting more fairways and greens on a consistent basis and in turn, my handicap began to drop.  I’ve been able to maintain the improvement I made from Anne’s guidance and now carry a 3 handicap.  I won the Senior Championship at my club (Hampton Hall Club) and continue to become more competitive in regional events. Quality instruction from top 100 teacher Anne Cain has certainly made a difference in the enjoyment I get from playing golf.

Mike Clemens, Hilton Head, SC

Senior Golfer Drops Handicap to a 3 (50% Improvement) After Only 1 Lesson Correcting Ball Position and Wins Senior Club Championship

When I came to you in January, I believe I had a 28 handicap index, and I chronically sliced most of my tee shots.  Following my 3 days with you, my handicap index dropped as low as 18 recently and now hovers in the high teens, so that’s an improvement of about 30% in the 6 months since I’ve been working on what you taught me.  A sliced drive is now a relatively rare occurrence, and my irons and hybrids all increased by about 10 yards following my time with you. I credit the intensive work we did on moving toward a correct swing plane, and I remind myself of the “broom drill” during every round of golf and every session at the practice range.  When I can keep my hands from going above shoulder level on the take back as you drilled into my head, I hit a very nice ball.  When I brush down through the ball with my hands in front as the broom drill emphasizes, it’s an even better ball. Another major improvement in my game is when my ball is not far off the green but lies in grass too deep for putting; you explained how the same “match strike” stroke can be employed with the various wedges and irons to hit the ball to regularly spaced intervals from where the ball lands after such a stroke a yard or two on the green.  Employing what I refer to in shorthand as “Anne’s formula”  (ratios of 1 to 1, 1 to 2, 1 to 3, etc.) has seen me leave the ball much closer to the hole on most such shots, usually with a realistic chance for a one putt.  Some of the caddies that I walk with regularly have been so impressed that they’ve asked me to teach them how it works.  They also have gotten a kick out of your line regarding the take back which I recite to help me not take the club too far up and out of plane:  “It’s called a backswing, NOT an upswing.” Yet another big improvement in my game has been my putting thanks to the time you spent teaching me how to read breaks according to where on “the clock” the balls lies, with the most break coming at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock when the green slopes down from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock.  Using my feet to feel the gravity created by the slope is also something I regularly do after my time with you, and I believe it has helped as well. Vickie Dorsey, GA

Female Golfer Does 3 Day Program, Corrects Slice, and Improves Handicap by 30% in 6 Months

At age 65, with back issues, single digit handicap golf was becoming a thing from the past.  At the thought of a “comeback”, I could almost hear the laughter from my golfing buddies.  My comeback, simply put, would not have been possible without Anne Cain.  She possesses a mastery of swing mechanics and technology and expertly helps her pupils understand and fell the swing fundamentals. Together we set out to address golf’s Mount Everest – the chipping yips. We developed a new technique and mental routine and I’m finally leaving behind those old, erratic movements and mental hurdles. I can actually chip again!

By far the most important thing Anne addressed was my own poor mental process.  I had an inconsistent routine, weak imaging, poor self talk, and nerves. Now with my new routine my confidence, and consequently my score, have quickly improved. Swing mechanics are one thing, but playing golf is far more complex. Anne understands this and has helped me back to a place in golf I’ve not experienced in over 30 years. I now find myself smiling while playing, aging has been put on hold, and golf is fun again. Play like a kid!

Rick Kern, PA

Golfer finds single digit handicap again after 30 years of struggling