The facility at World Golf Village has recently been renovated and updated with the latest technology and equipment to assist in the learning process. The 2,700 square foot facility has indoor/outdoor capabilities as well as the latest in technology including:

  • new high speed video for swing analysis that allows me to instantly record and email your video to you
  • Online Skills Coach software is the latest platform that allows me to constantly stay in touch with my students and allows you to store and track your videos, lesson notes, and progress in an online “locker”. Hank Haney Golf is the only other golf facility in the country to be using this.
  • FlightScope launch monitor is a $25,000 doppler tracking device that provides 3D data for me to assess what is occurring in your ball flight. This is unparalled for being able to measure and track changes and adjustments to swing plane, club path, club face, spin rate, launch angle, distance , etc. And it’s the most accurate way to fit you for clubs.
  • A putting lab with high speed video and the TOMI system for analyzing your stroke characteristics.
    The short game area is wonderful with contoured areas to work on various shots in the rough, bunker, chipping, wedge play, and putting.