Shooting in the 70’s is Easy?

December 5, 2019

Single Digit Handicap

What does it take to be a single digit handicap? Outrageous you say!
Well like all seemingly overwhelming tasks they become much easier if you break them down into smaller more manageable tasks.

Here is some food for thought. All players could have a single digit handicap if they could accurately:

1. Drive the ball 195 yards on average

2. Have a fairway shot of 160 yards on average

Assuming 2 putts per green, the golfer can:

  • Score par on par 3’s up to 195 yards in length
  • Score par on par 4’s up to 355 yards in length
  • Score par on par 5’s up to 515 yards in length

On an average course, this golfer would score in the high 70’s or low 80’s… not bad.

Get More Golf Distance Distance

Anne Cain shows you how to get more distance with a proper pivot.

Anne Cain | 904-206-1814 | 326 WGV Blvd, St Augustine, FL 32092 | World Golf Village

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