As most of my students know, I insist that you spend most of your time practicing with the driver, wedges, and putter. Statistically, these are the most important clubs in the bag. I recently read some statistics and information that were most impressive and continue to emphasize the importance of the wedges and short game.

* On the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods impressive play in 2006 was directly related to his wedge accuracy from less than 100 yards. In 2005, Tiger’s average shot was 16 feet from the hole ranking him 71st among his peers. In 2006, Tiger improved this to an average of 11 feet, moving him to 1st place. The average on tour is 17.5 feet. How close are your 100 yard wedge shots on average?
* On short chips shots around the green (8-14 yards to the hole) the average tour player has a putt left of no more than 3-5 feet. How close do you chip the ball?

To help with your practice, review the “Broom Drill” (in ACGA Tip Archive) so that you are executing correct mechanics through impact. Also remember that on your approach shots, you need to calculate the proper distance to the pin based on the depth of the green. Remember, green depths can range from 28 – 40 yards in length, so that would require changes in length of swing and club selection to get close to the pin. I recommend that you always use a ¾ length swing and use more club to get the ball to a pin tucked in the back of a green.