Want to lower your scores quickly? Learn and apply the following techniques to improve your chipping game. Two reputable sources shared this chipping system with me when I first turned professional: PGA Hall of Fame member Paul Runyan, and renowned PGA instructor George Kelnhofer. Statistically speaking, if you can chip the ball within 8 feet of the hole your odds go WAY UP in making the putt. Here is the system:

Set Up/Address Position

  • Feet close together
  • Choke down on club
  • Ball positioned even with left heel – feet narrow
  • Left ear remains in line with zipper
  • Hands are positioned well in front of ball (even with left thigh)
  • Right wrist is bent
  • Weight distribution favors left foot


  • Make controlled stroke maintaining bent right wrist
  • Propel strokes with arms and shoulders – no wrist flicking
  • Land ball 1 yard on the green with low trajectory
  • Choose appropriate club