Adult Performance Coaching

In addition to private instruction to assist you with the fundamentals of the swing and short game, Anne will provide coaching in the following areas to help you perform better and enjoy the game more:

  • Knowledge and understanding of ball flight laws to create various flights
  • Club assessment and fitting
  • Club gapping and yardage charts for each club
  • Statistical tracking with comparisons to your peer group
  • Mental game strategies
  • On course instruction

Strategy and course management

  • Tee shots – where and when to hit Driver
  • Approach shots – picking good targets based on ball flight patterns and pin placements
  • Eliminating big numbers worse than bogey
  • Weather management including wind and rain
  • Scouting a course online – pre tournament preparation
  • Creating a valuable yardage book
  • Mental management of expectations and pre/post shot routines
  • Challenging conditions – thick rough, firm conditions, hilly terrain, etc.

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